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Fenix Scratch Guard

Fenix Scratch Guard was developed by R&D team and is made from multi-layer structure of innovative materials. By means of extreme craftsmanship of sheet spray, Fenix Scratch Guard presents a better quality in comparison with the paint protection technology of traditional stick foil. It ‘s obedient to original paints, without curl, without decadence, and won’t cause any damage to paints, and can be tore off after operation. The advantages of anti-scratch, anti-jump stone, UV resistant, high permeability of color, high gloss, ability to be polished, various color options, ability to be self-healing features, and patented technologies, make Fenix Scratch Guard a competitive and potential product to global market. The multilayer film structure promotes Fenix Scratch Guard be extended to meet the requirements of innovative products and different services The membrane surface of Fenix Scratch Guard can be coated by classical beauty wax used in traditional automobile decoration as well as technological fashion coating, sealing glaze, crystal plated……etc., lots anti-dirty self-cleaning film, so that the appearance of the body surface is not easy sticking dust, super splash ability, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance.

Pefect Protection - Various materials should be corresponding to different materials


Option 1 - Original paint | Transparent Protection & Value Added (Brightening original paints and can be tore off)

Protection of the original paint, high transparency, high gloss, brightening of the body makes a perfect appearance. The raw materials of Fenix Scratch Guard are imported from Germany that achieve the highest quality with protection performance. The original paints are obediently covered by the transparent film operated by exquisite craftsmanship of engineers and present a more brightened appearance visually.

Option 2 - Original paint | Protection with Color Changing & Value Added (The Perfect Envelop with Personal and can be tore off)

Change colors by personal style and quick modification to strengthen the pleasure of vision. “Fenix Scratch Guard” is the baked liquid protection film and it is allowed to implant creative design into creative layer of the film for exhibiting personal taste and personal style. With the perfect protection of Fenix Scratch Guard, it’s possible to remove the film and regain the original paints of the car without any damage if necessary.

Fenix Scratch Guard - Multi-layer structure and 130(um) thick film which resists scratching and jumping-stone

  1. The protection layer with self-healing ability

  2. The 130 micron (um) thick film possesses not only hardness but also toughness and is designed to be available for polish. It presents self-repair ability for shallow scratches on films. The film is made from raw materials that are imported from Germany and are implemented by patented technologies and extreme handicraft. An application of the film achieves the goal of permanent protection. Besides, it won’t leave any damage or residual glue on original paints and can be torn off if necessary. With the higher transparency than that of other competitors, Fenix Scratch Guard is total different from any other commercial protection films in the market.

  3. The self-cleaning and anti-dirties layer is applied on protection layer.

  4. The layer of the film achieves high hardness and greatly reduce the damage induced by the external impacts such as: physical scratch (high-speed jump stone), chemical attack (petrol, bird feces, industrial dust, exhaust gas of cars), high & low temperature (ambient climates), UV light (degradation), and…etc. The water repellency and high drainage characteristics make the surface smooth enough so that dust and water drops naturally and all dirties can be clean easily. Surface coating also has brightening properties, so that the original luster paint presents perfect texture even better.

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