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ULGO BODY COATING AP-I (Water Repellent Type Body Glass Coating) 

Double Layered (two layer) water repellent type body coating, achieving the deep finish with film thickness while containing the highest glass density.
A water repellent type body glass coating which has achieved the performance improvement by firmly binging two layers of films with different effects:  A base layer which is a coating later with superb durability and the top layer with excellent gloss and water repellent performance.

Base Layer

  • High “Anti-Crack Performance”, highly pursuing the balance between flexibility and hardness.
  • Life style is sustained over long periods as small size molecule helps stiffens the binding with paint surface.
  • As it is hard to bind with organic substances, greasy stuff such as pitch or tar, bugs, birds droppings, well-thumb, dust, dirt are hard to adhere.
  • Due to inorganic glass film and organic functional group side chain structure, it would be difficult for oxidation corrosion, water spots, ion deposit to bond.

Top Layer

  • Three dimensional molecule glass framework and methyl molecule oriented water repellent.
  • Inorganic glass structure sustains the high grade shininess for a olong period of time
  • Very low in ultraviolet bean/heat deterioration, oxidation, and alteration.

ULGO BODY COATING AP-II (Hydrophobic Type Body Glass Coating) 

A hydrophobic type body coating which reduces water spots bonding with a superb hydrophobic character, and realizing the wet and moisture glossiness.
The hydrophobic group orients on the film surface after hardening, realizing the hydrophobic character by making the surface free energy (surface tension) small.

Base Layer

  • Realizing the hydrophobic character” by hydrophobic group orientation.
  • Long sustaining hydrophobic character by high miscibility of glass element and hydrophilic oligomer.
  • Restricting the condensation of dirty elements which is one of the causes of water deposits (ion deposits) can be expected as the aggregation of water on the coated surface by the hydrophobic performance.
  • A moist gloss can be obtained by preventing the diffuse reflection of light as it excels in smoothing the coated film.

Top Layer

  • Three dimensional glass framework structure resin is combined at high density.
  • Hydrophilic antifouling and highly durable performance.
  • Very low in ultraviolet bean/heat deterioration, oxidation, and alteration.
  • The dust and dirt are hard to adhere and easy to wipe off, sustaining a beautiful shine and hydrophilic nature.

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